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Heroes Season 3 Episode 8

In typical Heroes fashion, it’s been awfully hard to determine who’s evil and who’s not these days. In the future, everything has been turned upside down, with Peter being portrayed as a villain and Sylar, who we had been led to believe was always and always will be an evil and destructive force, turns out to be more tempered than we thought. I’m sure with the upcoming episode we’ll begin to find out how the “bad guys” become the “good guys” (all things relative of course) The upcoming episode, according to the official description that was recently released, will revolve around Hiro Nakamura. Hiro will follow the Petrelli boys, Arthur and Nathan, the infamous Linderman, and Sylar before he turned into….well Sylar.

In order to get ready for upcoming confrontation, Hiro will try to discover what led Arthur Petrelli to create a rival company, named Pinehearst. We’ll also find out a lot more about Sylar’s past. Apparently he wasn’t always the unstoppable killing machine we thought him to be. In fact, we find out that Sylar was at one point “horrified and guilt-ridden” and he may have stopped his horrifying pursuit of power if it wasn’t for H.R.G. and Elle.

We’ll also get a peek at Company yes-man Thompson and agent trainee Meridith, as she watches her new life get completely and utterly destroyed by the arrival of her brother, who needless to say is a bit…unstable.

I love episodes like this myself. It gives us as an audience a chance to see how things have come to this point. We’ll learn more about what drives the characters in Heroes before they were named as such, and why villains act the way they do. It adds a more human element to the villains as well, particularly Sylar, who up until now was really seen as more one dimensional in his reckless killing and pursuit of other abilities.

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