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Heroes Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

This season has continued to heat up, and we’re getting closer to understanding the source of the Heroes’ powers. In this most recent episode, Arthur has muddle up Hiro’s brain, and the result is that he continues to regress into thinking he’s a child. Ando and him teleport away from Arthur, however, and back to Japan. After some interesting coddling, he gets Hiro to use his powers again, and they see that an eclipse is coming, an obviously important development given the next episode titles.

Arthur explains to Sylar that their powers are the same, and that if Sylar can access his “empathy,” then he’ll be able to steal powers like Peter does rather than you know..ripping peoples’ heads open. To get him to do that, he puts Sylar back together with Elle, who isn’t all that happy with Sylar and lights him up like a Christmas tree. After some back and forth banter, this encounter allows Sylar to absorb her power without stealing it from her. Clever.

Knox and Flint are hot on the trail of Peter and who up to nab him but Claire manages to run a distraction before escaping into the sewers. Peter explains to Claire that at some point in the future she kills him. She again tries to save Peter only to find that Knox and Flint are in fact there for her, and they’d have gotten her too if Peter hadn’t come to save the day.

Matt and Daphne head to Primatech, and Matt uses his powers to check out what Angela has gone through. Daphne asks Arthur to leave Matt out of the equation, but then Arthur threatens he. Matt then uses his powers to free Angela, but at the same time envisions Daphne betraying him. Daphne, of course, feels pretty guilty about that prospect and convinces him to take her into the dream state with him. Apparently, love does in fact conquer mental influence and barriers.

Mohinder continues to look into the prospect of giving people abilities, and realizes there’s a human catalyst involved in the process. Nathan goes with Tracy to confront his dad. Arthur tries to convince Nathan to join him, and Nathan, now confused, sends Tracy to Washington to see Angela. Instead, however, Tracy goes to see Arthur and offers to turn Nathan over to the dark side. It ends at Promatech, where Angela tells people in attendance about the human catalyst.

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