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Heroes Season 3 – Watch the Trailers Online

The new season of NBC’s “Heroes” officially begins on September 22 and there’s quite a lot of buzz this time around, especially since the first and second episodes are airing back to back. The premiere episode, which is titled, “The Second Coming,” is scheduled to premiere after a special one hour “catch up” episode, which is being aired in case viewers may have missed the last episode of Season 2. According to Executive Producer and Director Allan Arkush, the show will pick up exactly where it left off, with a few surprises thrown in for good measure, including a new series regular and other goodies.

According to the official description for the new episode released by NBC, the last time we saw Nathan Petrelli, he had been hit by the bullet of an assassin, which leads several characters on a spiritual journey to explain his power of flight. Meanwhile, his younger brother Peter will watch as the future and present collide and his powers will lead him to discover that the only way to end the catastrophic moment facing the world is to do the unimaginable.

What about Niki? Was she blown into a million tiny pieces? How about Hiro? Will he turn to his “warrior” side?

NBC reveals an act of heroism will unveil an amazing secret about Niki, while in Japan, Hiro will continue to use his ability to pierce the space-time continuum and manipulate time to leap into wild, international adventures with his best friend, Ando.

Serial killer Sylar will continue to accumulate other people’s abilities, which will eventually lead him to the Bennet house. Bound to a secret company with a keen interest in people like his daughter, “H.R.G.,” (aka Noah Bennet), will find new purpose when his most dangerous, fantastic foes break out of custody, while Claire struggles to define her identity and place in the world.

Arkush also revealed that a major aspect of the storyline this season will focus on the characters’ powers; where they came from, their nature, how the power affects each individual character, or as Arkush likes to say, “The actual genetic essence of the power.”

I don’t know about you, but I think this season has “chaos theory” written all over it.

Check out this video for a great preview of what’s in store and don’t miss great clips from, which has an early clip preview. There’s also a good preview of the full promo over at You Tube, which you can see by clicking here.

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