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Heroes Season 4 Episode 16: The Art of Deception

There were two main storylines this week, one involving Sylar and Parkman, the other revolving around HRG and Samuel.

Sylar contacted Parkman and threatened to kill Janice if he didn’t go into his head and get rid of all his abilities. He buried Sylar’s abilities and then trapped him into a lonely existence.

Peter showed up and took Parkman’s abilities to read his mind. He found Sylar and tried to rescue him because his dream showed Sylar saving lives, not hurting people, but he ended up in the same nightmare as Sylar.

In the meantime, HRG is trying to take Samuel down.¬† Claire went to warn everyone at the carnival and she convinced Samuel to turn himself in. But, Samuel wasn’t actually convinced at all, he had another plan. He had Eli shoot at everyone in the carnival to make them think it was HRG.

He even had Eli shoot and kill Lydia to make it believable. Lauren was also wounded but called Tracy for help. When Eli returned with HRG, he told everyone  HRG had been the shooter.  They wanted to kill him (literally) but Samuel had them tie HRG up in the house of mirrors and put Claire in his trailer.

As the episode ended, Samuel was telling them all that society would never accept them and that they should really show the world what they are capable of.

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