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Heroes Season 4 Epsiode 5: Tabula Rasa

heroesThis week’s Heroes picked up with Sylar in Samuel’s circus and he has no idea who he is. He even entered a Hall of Mirrors to see memories of his former self but it just made him upset, it did not jog his memory. But it doesn’t seem to matter to Samuel, he tells the carnival that Sylar is a killer and gets him initiated into the. It seems his ultimate plan is to mold Sylar into their own, even more dangerous, killer.

Meanwhile, HRG and Peter travel to Georgia to find a healer that can help Hiro. They end up coming across Jeremy, but his power had turned against him and he killed people, including his parents, with his touch. When he accidentally shot Peter, HRG convinced him he could be a healer again.

Jeremy was convinced and Peter got his healing power and returned to help Hiro. HRG stayed with  Jeremy to help him cover up his parent’s deaths and give him some general guidence.

When Peter got back to the hospital, Hiro was gone. Emma, who Hiro had helped embrace her ability last week, brought Peter to Hiro’s hotel room where they found a note: Save Charlie. The storyline ends with a  subtitled scene that says “Three years ago” and shows Hiro back at the Burnt Toast Diner where Charlie is inside.

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