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Heroes The Recruit Part 1

What’s the best way to keep show fans interested in a series that’s in for a winter break? Answer: Make Webisodes! The popular little clips that are strung together to form a bit of a miniseries (albeit without the tricky things like an extensive plot and in depth character development) that can give us a Heroes taste and tide us over until “Fugitives” ramps back up. The Recruit stars Taylor Cole as a U.S. Marine, and she’s been hand picked with 50 other squadmates (comrades?) to be injected with a Heroes serum. We already know now that Peter had other ideas and the plan was eh..scrapped, but what about the fate of the marines?

The clips put a name to a face, and it turns out that Private Mills has a secret that she’s been trying to hide..but is forced to unveil. We’re opened with the interrogation Private Mills..and we’re led to believe that her mind is being pried into when we go back 12 hours earlier. The scene is Mills and a few of her mates in a laboratory, arguing about whether she’s actually qualified to be in the group. As you might have guessed, her mate is second guessing her abilities since she’s anatomically different, but the argument is quickly ended by an explosion.

With her fellow soldiers hurt and debris falling around them, we find out that Mills is a bit more than she appears, and she manages to save them from getting crushed to death. It ends there, however, and I’m sure we’ll be finding out more soon enough.

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