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Heroes The Recruit Part 2

Well there’s been plenty of news to go around lately, but with Villains wrapping up for the season, you’d think things would start to trickle down a bit. They have of course, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t catch the latest part of the webisode series The Recruit, which is particularly helpful if you’re a fan of the show and need your Heroes fix when one isn’t readily available.

So, in part 2, we’re pretty sure at this point that Private Mills (played by Taylor Cole) has some kind of special ability of her own, and that she’s being held at a Company facility because they know she has powers. Angela isn’t around this time, and she’s replaced by some shady character who lets Mills know that her powers won’t be working. Unsurprisingly, Mills refuses that she has any powers at all, and we’re treated to a flashback.

As it turns out, Mills was injured by one of her fellow marines. After checking on David, who is immediately distrustful of Mills after seeing her use her powers for the first time. I don’t recall the name of the other marine in the clip, but he’s not a nice guy, and injects himself with the serum so that he can hopefully recover from a grievous wound inflicted during the explosion. When Mills tries to give the serum to David, her trigger happy co-marine shoots her in the shoulder, which explains the wound we saw in part 1.

The serum, however, doesn’t appear to agree with David, who appears to be shaking and when he turns to face Mills again, her co-marine looks startled and says “What the hell?” Obviously something is very wrong here, but we won’t know what until the next episode. Damn you cliffhangers!

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