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Heroes Villains Ends

Well it’s not all that surprising that Heroes comes to an end with Sylar at the forefront. He’s become a vital part of the storyline as usual…even if I did wish he had died like he was supposed to. Villains did not disappoint on it’s ending, however, with the last few episodes being top notch work. The suspense often has me wanting to just skip to the ending, but it was important to savor some of the moments.

While I found Hiro’s storyline particularly boring and something I’d like to get through to the good parts..I do have a soft spot for Seth Green. As a result, Seth’s part in the show was one of my favorites, if nothing else for the fact that we got a bit of comic relief in an otherwise dark and dreary setting where everyone is constantly in danger. I found it interesting that Ando now has a power of his own..although it’s the sidekicky ability to help other peoples enough for me. Hiro smacking Tracy in the face to destroy the powers-giving formular was also fun.

Sylar, as we’ve come to know and now once again a mass murderer bent on eating everyone’s powers. He sets up Claire, Noah, Angela, and Meredith over at the Primatech facility. He also continued his rampage..eating “iron hand” guy and Doyle…Sylar’s list of powers continues to grow..but he doesn’t seem to use them all that much..well aside from forcefully taking everyone else’s powers. I’m sure we’ll see some more fireworks in the future but..I’m having a hard time keeping track of what he can and can’t do.

He isn’t completely we find out when Claire puts a nice big piece of glass into the back of his skull. Someone..somewhere along the going to remove it..since no matter how many bad things happen to Sylar, or how dead you may think he is..he’ll return and eat your brain. This is much akin to most B horror movies..when the killer is shot, stabbed, and falls off a 2 story building..but finds the will to return and kill whoever did that to him..or crawl away for a sequel (season 1?).

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