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Heroes Webisode 2: Intervention

In the world of Heroes, things just don’t come easy. While the main show has been struggling a bit in the ratings and the story has been a bit shaky for me at times, I still like to kick back and check out some of the material that the main portal site has to offer, and I’ve been pretty impressed with the short clips of other parts of the Heroes world via their Webisodes, which if you’re interested in watching can be viewed from the main site here, or you can head over to an alternative like Hulu, which also has the webisodes available for your viewing pleasure.

So, what to expect in part 2, appropriately titled “Intervention?” Santiago has discovered his unusual (and kind of cool if I do say so) powers of “predicting events” as well as the ability to move at super speed, and he’s just getting around using both at the same time. While this is happening he also runs into the gorgeous Elisa, who is friendly to Santiago, but we soon find out that she’s not exactly a very nice girl, and has some sinister ulterior motives of her own. All the while there’s also another girl, armed with a taser, out trying to capture him as well!

The webisodes for Heroes may be short, but it’s actually fairly comprehensive and doesn’t feel too rushed or lacking like other tacked on spin offs do. They do try to cram quite a bit of storyline in not a lot of minutes, but the minutes are worthwhile viewing time and you’ll be begging for part 3 when you’re done, so if you’re a Heroes fan, check the first 2 parts out when you get a moment!

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