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If you recognize the title, then you’ve passed the test of being a fan.  The CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother is now in it’s fifth season and is still going strong. Personally I thought for sure that it would be about two seasons then done for the show, but anything with NPH in it (Neil Patrick Harris) is pretty much guaranteed to be a hit.  They do a lot of things well in the show, more than just providing good laughs in the half-hour span.  Each character brings their own quirks to the group.  While they are five different middle-aged characters, they all support one another, creating a New York family.  NPH is the most recognizable person from the show because of Doogie Howser and more recently the Harold & Kumar movies.  Jason Segel has been in a number of Judd Apatow movies and Alyson Hannigan is from the American Pie series.

Had I been a betting man, I would’ve put a $100 on Robin (Colby Smulders) being the mother.  But I think because the show was such a huge success, they had to change things up a bit. Instead of having the age-old archetype of friends falling in love, they are continuing to not disclose who the real mother is.  They given viewers clues like “she was there when…” or “she was in that very classroom…”  While five seasons is great for any show, this can only go on for so long and really the actors aren’t getting any younger.  Plus, who knows if they’ll be doing more movies on their own, leading to potential contract and time disputes.

The writers and producers are doing a great job of buying time and distracting fans of who the true mom is.  This season, they’ve brought in celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and and Rachel Bilson.  Also scheduled is Arianna Huffington in an upcoming episode in May.  While many want to see what the stars roles are, it also acts as a distraction when it comes down to finding out who really is the mother.  The writers are starting to differentiate the three single characters (with Marshall and Lily already being married.  They are humanizing Barney and while he still goes off chasing women, he’s come to the realization that there is more to them than just having a one-night stand.  Robin seems to be having success with her broadcasting career and is settling down after her break-up with Barney.  She’s currently dating her news co-anchor which could be something long-term.  Ted is the main character and his role will probably be more enhanced as this season winds down.  He is still the endless romantic that believes that the “perfect” girl is still out there for him.

The show is a modern-day Friends where the close knit group will date and fall for each other in some way or another.  One would still think that Robin would be the one in the end but they have started to refer to her as “Aunt Robyn” which ultimately rules her out.  So, we’ll just have to see who the mother really is in the end.  But for now, we should just enjoy the 30 minutes of the show for what it’s worth.

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