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Hope for Fans of October Road

october-roadYesterday, I told you about three ABC shows currently in limbo. Well today, there is good news for another show that was abruptly cancelled by ABC. Last Spring the alphabet network cancelled October Road without giving the show’s creators a chance to wrap up any of the ongoing storylines. Needless to say, fans revolted and the show’s creators promised they would create a mini episode that would answer everyone’s questions.

The show was about a twenty-something writer who returns to his small hometown, Knights Ridge, after writing a successful novel about his high school friends. Admittedly, there were scenes in October Road that were agonizing to watch (air guitar band, anyone?) but overall it did have a certain charm and the characters were endearing. That charm created a cult of loyal followers but just wasn’t enough to win over big audiences so ABC did not renew it for a third season.

Now, it looks like the producers are staying true to their word and creating a 15 minute episode this weekend in L.A. The minisode will neatly wrap up all of the cliffhangers from the end of season two like who is Sam’s dad, will Hannah actually marry Ray, and will Eddie break it off with Janet to go back to his ex?

I had originally heard ABC may show this wrap up episode on their website where you can see full episodes of the series. But now it looks like it will end up as an extra on the season two DVD they have been promising since the show ended. That seems like a win-win for everyone as it is sure to drive up sales (I will buy it) and give fans the closure they deserve.

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