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How A Buffalo Woman Cut Her TV Bill

In a few of my past blogs, I’ve harped on the fact that more and more people will switch from cable/satellite to an internet stream to get their entertainment.  But there hasn’t been any concrete figures or instructions on how to do so or how much one might save.  Enter Eleanor Cook, a Buffalo native who recently moved out of her parent’s house, ending her “free cable subscription”.

She describes herself as “extremely cheap” and who can blame her in these times.  If I had a choice between television and internet, I’d say bye-bye to TV in a heartbeat.  So here’s how she did it.  Instead of paying for a subscription for cable or satellite, she picked and chose which subscriptions she wanted in relation to her shows.  She subscribes to Netflix, allowing her to watch shows or relatively new movies at a cheap monthly rate.  She also does the Hulu thing for all her other needs.  Combine those with going to a discount movie theatre, her monthly entertainment bill is a meager $35 (and that includes internet).

I’m not advocating to completely jump ship and cancel your cable/satellite subscription.  There is something to be said about watching a show on the night and time that it airs.  Maybe it’s the feeling that a million other people are watching at the same time and you want to be prepared for water cooler talk the next day.  But $35!  Even if Hulu does start to charge for watching their programming, I guarantee that Eleanor will pay for it.  One could do a McGuyver and put a patchwork of programming together like how she did.  But for now, I’ll be a man and pay the hundred dollars a month to Comcast.

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