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How Do iTunes Rentals Work?

movies_macbook_nano20080417.pngAs the technological age continues to make advances, more people than ever are taking advantage of online movie rentals. By renting and watching movies on their computers, people do not have to worry about late fees, or about going to the video store and fighting for a copy of what they want to see. Many customers have found that iTunes is a great place to rent both new and old movies.

Choose Where to Watch Your Movie

You have rented a movie from iTunes. Now is when the real choices begin. You can watch the movie on your computer, your iPod or iPhone. If you have Apple TV, you can watch the movie on your television set.

You Have 30 Days

What if you rent a movie and then something comes up and you cannot watch it right away? With iTunes, you have 30 days to watch the movie you have rented. After you have started playing the movie, you then have twenty-four hours to watch it as many times as you want. After that time period, the movie disappears from you hard drive, allowing for space to be cleared up.

Prices You Can Afford

With iTunes rentals, you only pay $2.99 for older movies and $3.99 for newer movies. Also, if you have Apple TV, you can pay an extra dollar and watch your movie in high definition. Because the movies disappear from your hard drive after use, you do not have to worry about high definition videos taking up too much room on your computer.

Movie rentals from iTunes come in a resolution that makes the rental worth the price. With the 640 by 480 pixel image, you are able to forget that you are watching a movie on your computer. The picture is clear and crisp, just as a video should be.

Users are finding that iTunes is very competitive in the movie rental market. They offer a stellar product, great choices, and the ability for extras such as Apple TV to enhance the experience even further. Apple continues to come out with innovative product after innovative product, and they are not going to stop anytime in the near future.

To rent a movie from iTunes, go here.

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