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How Fox Will Handle a Democrat President

hannitySo you’ve probably thought about it at one point or another..well I have anyway. No matter what your personal political affiliation, it’s always been pointed out that some news networks are more favorable to one party or another. CNN, for example, is often referred to in my family as the “Clinton News Network” while Fox has tends to be skewed to the right. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that the New York Times took a look at what a new Democratic president means for the news network.

Fox News Bill Shine had this to say about it:

“All I know is that over the course of the next four years, we’re going to do what we do really well — cover the news in a fair and balanced way and put on a very good product.”

That’s a good old PC response I’d say, but news edotorial guy John Moody had a slightly different tone:

“Will we give this incoming administration a Greek chorus of exaltation? No, but that speaks more about the other networks than about us.”

Regardless, I don’t think having a Democratic president will mean that much of a different gameplan for the news. They’ll have their own preferences as usual and we’ll all continue to bash one or the other saying they’re biased and so on and so forth. Aren’t politics fun!?

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