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How to Save $50 a Month on Cable or Satellite TV

I love watching tv (obviously) and because of this I used to have every television and movie channel available. However I was paying close to $50 a month more than the basic satellite package. Although I watch a good amount of TV, recently I haven’t felt like I’ve been watching it enough to justify an extra $50 a month, especially since I watch less than half of the premium movie channels that I’m paying for. I figured there had to be a better (cheaper) way to get all of my movies and shows. It turns out that there are actually quite a few options that can save you a ton of money.

Option 1. Netflix
Netflix is something I’ve talked about on here almost religiously, but its because it really is that good. Instead of paying an extra $50 a month for HBO, Starz and ShowTime I now pay around $10 a month for Netflix and get unlimited movie rentals through the mail. I can also watch movies and tv shows online through my computer instantly. The only downside I have found to Netflix is the current season of a TV show won’t be available until it comes out on DVD. However you can still find the current season to watch on a number of websites.

Netflix has also recently launched a set top box called the ROKU. Priced at $100 this device lets you browse the Netflix catalog and rent movies which are then instantly streamed to your TV. Microsoft has also just signed a deal with Netflix that will make it available on the XBOX 360 in the coming months as well.

Option 2. iTunes Rentals
iTunes is another movie rental option. This service is priced per rental and not a flat monthly fee like Netflix. If you only want to watch a few movies a month this is a great alternative to shelling out a ton of money for premium movie channels. You can watch movies you rent from iTunes on your computer, on your TV (with an Apple TV), or even on your iPhone or iPod Touch. iTunes also has tv shows for $1.99 a pop however I would check to see if the show is available on there to watch for free before buying it from the iTunes store.

Option 3. Amazon Video on Demand
Amazon Video on Demand is a fairly new service and is similar to iTunes. Although currently you can only watch movies and shows through Amazon Video on Demand on your computer, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were working on a way to stream this service to your TV as well. If your already an Amazon customer this service might be more convenient for you than iTunes, however I would say that right now iTunes clearly has more to offer.

How to Save Additional Money on Your Bills Each Month
Another great way to save money on your cable or satellite bill every month is to use a cash back credit card to pay it.

With a good cash back credit card like Blue Cash From American Express you can earn 2% back on all of your purchases. This means if you pay $500 in bills every month you could save $120 a year!

6 Responses to “How to Save $50 a Month on Cable or Satellite TV”

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Mary@SimplyForties - October 7th, 2008 at 11:59 am

Good advice! I’m “practicing” not watching my extra channels, preparatory to having them cut off. I watch a lot of TV too and am a little nervous about making the switch!

Daphne - October 7th, 2008 at 8:05 pm

Wow, I don’t really watch TV myself but am impressed at a blog dedicated to satellite TV. It’s certainly a growing industry and I’m sure you’ll do well, especially with such practical tips. Well done!

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[…] Fleming presents How to Save $50 a Month on Cable or Satellite TV posted at Satellite TV […]

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