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How To: Save Money This Year With Credit Cards on Electronics and DVDs


Hi, this is Mr Credit Card from Today, I’m going to share some thoughts with you on how to get discounts on your favorite DVDs, plasma TVs, Blue Ray Players using your credit card. If you are looking for a credit card, please check out our site as we think we have the best credit card offers around.

Sales for electronics are always the most during the year end holiday season. Lots of retailers are offering discounts, free shipping and you should always take advantage of these deals. But I’m going to show you a couple of ways to make use of credit cards to help you save money on your home entertainment purchases.

Make use of shopping portals – Credit cards these days have their own shopping portal, much like frequent flier programs have theirs. This is how it works. The credit card issuers form partnerships with many online retailers. Any purchases made at these merchants from the credit card issuers website (and using their credit card off course) will earn card holders a discount. These discounts can be as high as 15% to 20%.

The catch for cardholders is that rather than going directly to the retailers site by the web browser, he or she has got to log into their credit card account, access the shopping portal and go to the online store from there.

Examples of credit cards that offer shopping portals are the Discover Card and the Chase Freedom. As an example, (which is the shopping portal for Discover) is offering a holiday season rebate of 10% when you shop at with your Discover Card from your account. That is quite a huge Best Buy Online Savings! You can buy lots of DVDs and games from there.

Using Credit Card shopping comparison sites – Here’s another good example. American Express cardholders can use their shopping comparison site called, which allows you to do comparison shopping with many online merchants. You can also use your points to pay for your purchases. Any purchase that you make from using that also earns you reward points or cash rebate (depending on the card you have).

Use reward points – Obviously, if you are a reward card holder, you could redeem points for for things like DVD player or a Blue Ray player. Most reward programs have an electronics section where they have such rewards. Many even have plasma TVs!

Special Credit Card deals – Many merchants have also partnered up with credit card issuers for the holiday season. Check your mails. You might be get postcard telling you about a deal with a game store and your credit card. Many of these deals are structured such that if you spend above a certain amount, you will get a certain amount of rebates.

So I hope these tips will help you get the electronics that you have always craved for this holiday season.

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