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Hulu Review

When it comes to watching TV and other media online, you’ll have no shortage of options. From Youtube to software packages like John Q, there are literally hundreds of ways to get your TV fix delivered to your PC. With that in mind I’d like to take a few minutes and examine Hulu, an online media site that promises to deliver your favorite shows and news clips anytime, anywhere, and for free!

Esentially, Hulu’s navigation is broken down to specific categories. If you’re looking for a popular TV show or a particular episode of a hit series, that’s no problem. If you’re just browsing, you can also take a look at different clips divided up by category. So, as an example, I like cartoons, so I popped over to the Animation and Cartoons section.

I was of course met with the most obvious animated choices like Naruto and Family Guy. Hey I’m a big FG fan, so I popped open an episode from season 7. This brings up a framed browser window, giving you a brief summary of the episode as well as how other users rated that particular episode. The frame isn’t very big, but large enough that you can comfortably watch the episode without thinking about it. There was only 3 commercials, one mention at the beginning of the episode and half way through and just before the credits as well. Not bad.

All in all, I was able to watch the whole episode (comically named Love Blactually) without any issue at all. If you’re looking to watch your favorite TV shows on a site that doesn’t beat you down with advertising as well as giving you a fairly comprehensive amount of clips and shows to choose from.

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