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Human Wrecking Balls, seriously

human wreckingTonight the second season of Human Wrecking Balls premieres.  You’ve probably heard of the show since they’ve been doing a lot of marketing and advertising.  Craig and Paul Pumphrey go around breaking, demolishing, and smashing things to show how much destruction two big men can do.  Both of them are martial artists as well as breaking champions (I’d laugh but they’d break me).  The show first began last year and I guess retained enough viewers to be renewed for another season.

Basically each show, or what they like to call challenge, they team up with a group of experts specializing in material science and engineering.  Those braniacs survey their challenge, looking at stress points and how they should approach destroying the challenge.  It is pretty interesting because you have to take into account that they are not terminators, therefore cannot punch through a steel car door.  Of course being brothers, they see who can do more damage along the way.  This ultimately leads to the “Big Break”, the culminating challenge in which the brothers decide if they want to partake or pass.  The Big Break is an object that is the most difficult for a human to break.

The Pumphreys travel with their nurse, Abigail Tallman, who is actually a real life nurse.  She is easy on the eyes and is currently stationed in the critical care unit at Brotman Medical Center in Culver City, CA.  I think she’s around just to bring some estrogen to the show.  Their other sidekick is Chad Zdenek, a structural engineer.  The producers say that Chad will play a bigger role this season, providing insight into a more methodical approach to breaking stuff.  Chad has worked several years at Boeing in the Rocketdyne Division as a structural dynamics/stress engineer.  He has also given presentations to NASA engineers outlining various structural and mechanical engineering procedures he created.  I’d say he’s pretty well credentialed.

Sure the show can be pretty fun to watch on a snowy, cold, wintry day when there is nothing else to do.  But really, I can only take so much human stupidity.  These two meatheads just go around punching, kicking, and throwing stuff around just for pure entertainment.  I mean, come on, breaking champions?  Yeah it’s cool to punch through thirty cement bricks with your arm.  But it is far-fetched to completely destroy an office building with four hands.  I believe in the second season premiere, they look to destroy a military helicopter.  REALLY???  Last I checked, these things can fly through wars and take some bullet fire and still not go down.  But I’m sure the Pumphreys can blast their ways through the doors and bullet-deterring windshields, that is if they strap dynamite to their hands.

I think that Abigail the nurse should check these guys to see if they even have a brain.  Comparatively, Human Wrecking Balls is like Mythbusters without the intellect and planning.  I caution you when watching the show…you might become more stupid watching it.  Then again, if you’re already killing brain cells, go for it.

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