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I Want More to Love

More to LoveAlthough the season just ended, I have a feeling that More to Love on Fox will be back next year.  I don’t know what it is about the show but it intrigued me from the get go.  Let me say that I’m not an overweight guy or that I am attracted to plus-size girls.  The premise of the show was a nice change of pace from the Bachelor archetype.

The show captivated me on a couple levels.  First, they had to find a guy that was crazy enough to do the show and yet have a very normal life.  Luke Conley said it himself that he was at an end when it came to meeting women.  I will say that to find “love” in 30 random women selected from a bigger pool probably isn’t the most traditional way, but this was extenuating circumstances.  Second, it was interesting to see how the women carried themselves and what their reactions were to him and each other.  The most revealing part was the very first episode when they all meet him and each other for the first time.  I believe every single girl had issues from dating.  One girl had never even gone out on a date, and she was 25.  Seeing them made me feel melancholy—on the one hand these girls never really get a fair shake because our culture is so focused on our contemporary view on beauty.  But on the flip side, they still have the power to put themselves out there, to “sell” themselves as a suitable mate for a guy.  It sounds terrible, but I felt like a few of them used their weight as a cop-out for not meeting many men.

Unlike most of the previous bachelors, Conley seemed very genuine.  If you looked up mid-western, big football guy, it would’ve had a picture of him.  He has a stable job, a decent family structure, but above all good values.

Instead of enjoying the guy finding love in one of the girls, I viewed More to Love as a psychological and sociological experiment.  It would be very interesting to see if it was a plus-girl choosing from thirty guys.  The dynamics would be totally different and I would venture it wouldn’t be so much of a competition but more a war of attrition.  Us guys just don’t get caught up in the cattiness.

In the final episode when he chose the girl, he had them over on individual dates for dinner with his family.  His dad asked a standard question, “why did you come on the show?”.  Tali answered that she saw it as just another path to try and find a soul mate.  The other said she thought it would be fun and a good experience.  Needless to say, the latter did not win.   I thought that revealed a lot about the two of them, how one remained hopeful while the other has taken a more passive approach to love.  What made it even more ironic was that the girl who won was from Israel (and is Jewish), while he is Christian.  She left with $40 in her pocket and came to the US.  As corny as it might sound, it just goes to show that love can bridge any gap, racial, religious, or economical.

I hope More to Love gets renewed for next season.  It was entertaining as well as bittersweet.  It showed that in our superficial world, sometimes love does have a chance, however slim.  The paths two people take to meet might be a statistical improbability, but when love is found it makes the difficult journey worth it.

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