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IFC Premieres Wrong Door

I suppose there is a reason that there are some channels that may or may not be as well known as others. And while you can find some excellent shows on these hidden channels, I have to break it to you. IFC? Not so much. It seems like most (if not all) of the shows premiering on this channel are really… well, I’m not one to say exactly how time wasting I think something is.

And hey! That’s totally okay and I whole heartedly admit that my taste in shows borderlines on super predictable, followed by super popular. Hey, there’s no shame in my game.

So while Wrong Door doesn’t seem like my cup of tea, if you like British comedies, it may be yours.

“Welcome to THE WRONG DOOR, set in a world where herds of space hoppers and shopping trolleys roam the countryside; robots play tennis; mini-bars come with a helpful mini-barman; magazines come with a free, blow-up boyfriend; and MP3 players generate 3D pop-star holograms. A daring new sketch show set in a parallel universe; a fantastic world governed by the laws of comedy, not nature, where special effects seen in the movies and on television are part of everyday life.
“Producing a sketch show with 850 visual effects was never going to be easy. We joked that it was the equivalent of three and a half STAR WARS films, only funnier…and, obviously, about a 50th of the price,” said THE WRONG DOOR creator, Jack Cheshire. “Our aim was to create a brave new world of comic possibility by devising a genre-busting mix of celebrity cameos, unimaginable locations and impossible visual effects.”

The array of characters include: the Booze Fairies, the Wizard of Oswestry, the World’s Most Annoying Creature and a love-struck dinosaur called Phillip. Superheroes, wizards, dinosaurs and monsters casually go about their business amongst the daily irritations of explosions, disasters, battles, chases and driving lessons.

In this fantastic new world of CGI enhanced comic possibility, THE WRONG DOOR is a portal to locations and characters that surpass and re-invent your imagination.”

Check it out! It airs tonight on IFC.

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