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I’m not a Family Guy guy

family guyYou know those shows where you either love ’em or hate ’em.  Along with Ghost Hunters (which South Park touched on this past week), the Biggest Loser, and Amazing Race, the main one I’ll focus on for now is Family Guy.  Now before you get the pitchforks and torches, let me explain.  I can tolerate only so many cutaways and sidestories.  I can’t stand looking at Peter and his gut, listening to Chris the retard and his high pitched annoying voice, and Meg who looks like a she doesn’t know her sexual orientation.  I can go on about Cleveland and Quagmire but what saves the show to me is Brian and Stewie.  Without those, I would’ve already written letters to have the show yanked from networks.

Seth MacFarlane’s animated show is lauded by many, but its random (and way too often) tangential storylines turn me off, big time.  Every thirty second Peter chimes in with, “it’s like that time in _____ when we ______…” and then viewers are whisked off into some macabre scene that, more often than not, leaves the viewer in shock.  Peter is downright retarded and slower than a snail and I as viewer don’t need to be reminded of that every two minutes in the show.  It’s like the point of the show is to have no point.  Oh wait, Seinfeld was the only show that could pull that off successfully.

Although Seth Green is pretty funny in most of the movies he’s in, he should stick with Robot Chicken and stop doing voiceovers for Chris.  Just looking at him makes my IQ drop 20 points and when he says something, I’ve lost twenty seconds of my life.  I’d rather give myself a tattoo between my fingers that listen to him talk.

While the show tries to differentiate itself each time, it always comes back to the same topics:  Peter is dumb as a rock and fat, Meg is ugly, Chris (see Peter), Lois is a nympho, Brian is smarter than the four previous characters combined, and Stewie has mommy issues.  Sure storylines are different but if they stuck to more of a plot, maybe people wouldn’t be so put off by the randomness.

cartoon warsI am a loyal South Park fan so it’s not like I hate on all animated series.  But at least make the show clever.  South Park actually had an episode titled “Cartoon Wars” where Cartman tries to get the show canceled.  After the episode aired, The Simpsons and King of the Hill staffs advocated for Parker and Stone for hating on Family Guy.  When you have three pretty successful animated shows ganging up against you, that can’t be good.

If I were a TV executive, I would’ve demanded a Stewie & Brian show spinoff a long time ago.  Memo to Seth MacFarlane:  stop smoking crack/weed/other drugs when writing, end your Red Bull and 5 hour energy shipments, and take a proper English class that teaches how to write an opening, body, and concluding piece.  Maybe then you won’t make people dumber in 30 minutes as you hypnotize them with your utter stupidity.

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One Response to “I’m not a Family Guy guy”
Robin Goel - October 12th, 2009 at 4:39 am

The show is not too funnier instead I love to watch extreme comedy clips on youtube, I just found one on Youtube based on parody of “Eminem gets caught masturbating”…Hilarious
Click on the link to watch the clip.

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