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I’m Pregnant And… Series Premiere

With the rise of popularity in shows about pregnancy, Discovery Health Center is smart to hop aboard the train.

And while TLC may have many of the ratings wrapped up, I’m thinking that for Discovery Health Center viewers probably have a much more educated look on various conditions: mental, physical, and emotional– that have an effect on pregnancy.

Each episode will focus on a various topic. For the premiere of the series, the topic is “I’m Pregnant and Addicted”. Moms, dads, people without children– it’s always a compelling look at something certainly not acceptable and not a traditional thing that is ever talked about.

“Colette and Aaron have a long history of heroin addiction, which they’ve been able to kick with the aid of methadone. But now that Colette’s pregnant, methadone carries risks both to her pregnancy and her unborn child. Colette’s in a no-win situation, finding that it’s possibly riskier to go off the methadone during pregnancy than to stay on it and deliver a baby who’s also addicted.”

A frightening and realistic look at what happens when you are pregnant and facing various conditions. Some other topics that are set to arise on the series are: I’m Pregnant and Homeless, and I have an Eating Disorder, and I’m 55 years old, and I’m Bipolar, and I’m in Prison.

It seems like a completely interesting spin on the typical mommy and baby stories that are all across television, mostly with a happy ending. I for one can’t wait to see how they tackle these sensitive topics.

I’m Pregnant and… premieres tomorrow, Tuesday, December 1st on Discovery Health Center.

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