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Is Heather Locklear Coming Back to Melrose Place?

As you might have already guessed, Melrose Place is not the kind of show that I like to watch, and it certainly wasn’t in it’s original incarnation, either. I imagine a 20ish male doesn’t fit into the target demographic for the show anyway, so it’s no loss for the show producers. Regardless, it appears that Heather Locklear may be in the works for the newer updated version of the show, and fans are quite happy about this turn of events. The show is being re-created on the CW, which was originally helmed by Aaron Spelling. “Sources” have suggested that Locklear may be coming back as her original role, Amanda Woodward.

She still has some time to decide whether it’s a role she’s still interested in. The new Melrose Place is coming out again next fall, although I have my doubts as to the show’s staying power. A memorable actress like Heather Locklear could work out well to attract new and old fans alike, however. It certainly isn’t unprecedented, as they made a move much similar to this one when they remade 90210 and brought back some of it’s former cast. They’ll also be “diversifying” the cast as well, as the original cast was predominantly white. In 90210, Brandon Walsh is now black and Andrea Zuckerman is also not Jewish and not white. All for the better, I think. It’s likely they’ll do the same for Melrose.

Either way, writer Mark Schwahn is currently attached to working on the pilot episode, and many fans of the show are happy with his work and eager to check out the new Melrose Place for that reason alone.

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