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Is Lipstick Jungle Really Dead?

lipstick_jungleIf there’s one things TV networks are known for, it’s pulling the plug early on a show before it really has a chance to develop. My Own Worst Enemy, for example, wasn’t really a bad show (from what I saw) and likely could have brought up a core audience if given enough time to bring them in, but the plug was pulled well before that could happen. I’ll be the first to note that I don’t know the first thing about Lipstick Jungle, but I do know that some co workers were big fans, and that they’re excited at the prospect of a comeback.

Whether that’ll actually come through or not is still very much up for debate. it’s unusual (but not impossible) for shows to re-emerge after cancellation. Examples include Ren and Stimpy (short run after it was recreated), and that other show where viewers sent in hundreds of nuts and it was brought back (the name escapes me).

NBC did hint on the possibility of bringing back Lipstick Jungle which was canceled last Fall. Ben Silverman who’s co-chair at NBC stated Tuesday that the network was looking at what they could do to “keep the show alive,” saying that another property of theirs such as Oxygen or Bravo could pick up the show.

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