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Is Satellite TV Cheaper Than Cable?

dishWe all need to watch how much we are spending these days but we still want to be able to watch the programming that we want.  So it begs the question, is satellite television cheaper than cable?  This is an interesting question and has many layers to it.  Depending on your television watching habits, you might get by with the absolute bare necessities.  What I mean by that is the four big networks and PBS and maybe another channel.  But most of us watch other programming such as ESPN, FX, the CW, just to name a few.

At the lowest possible price, if you sign up for DISH Network, packages start at $29.99 per month.  With DISH Network you get free installation so there are no microprint loopholes that you have to be aware of.  This also takes the hassle out of having to install a satellite dish yourself.  Right now they are offering a $50 instant credit to your first bill so basically your first month would be free.  You also have to take into account that you have to purchase the equipment such as the dish and receivers.  This will run you a lump sum of around $150.  So over one year, you will have paid $400 in total for your television subscription.

If you decide to go with DirecTV, packages start at $29.99.  Again, once you sign up there is free installation.  DirecTV does not provide an instant credit if you sign up but their sports packages are better than DISH Network if that’s you’re soft spot.  Depending on the type of receiver you get, the cheapest is $69.  So in total for the first year, you would pay $420 with DirecTV.  So in the end they are pretty equal.  It should be noted that these do not include HD channels.

For example’s sake, we’ll use Comcast as the cable baseline.  Comcast is currently offering a digital cable package at $44.99 for one year.  That alone will be $540, over $100 difference between satellite companies.  So without even thinking, satellite subscriptions are cheaper than cable.

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