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Is ‘Veronica Mars’ Returning- To the Big Screen?

vmVeronica Mars fans rejoice! The short lived teen mystery series is being brought back, this time to the big screen and it is going to be good. The show’s creator, Rob Thomas, has got some time on his hands now that Cupid, the new ABC pilot he has been working on, has been trimmed back by the network to only 13 episodes. This seems like the perfect opportunity for Thomas to pen the VM movie and that is exactly what he is doing.

“What that means for me is that I have a couple of months to write the Veronica Mars movie,” Thomas says. “I suddenly find myself with enough time to write that script. That’s the next project.”

So far, three of the show’s leads, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni and Kristen Bell have all shown an interest in making the movie. It also looks like funding has been secured so once the script is completed they should be in a position to start shooting.

Though Thomas is still working out some of the plot points, he does know how the movie will begin. It was once reported it would begin where the series left off but Thomas clarifies this for Kristen at E! .

“I think it would open just days before Hearst College graduation, so Veronica would be at the end of her college career.”

Veronica Mars was cancelled by The CW after only three seasons despite petitions and pleas from loyal fans. The network cited low ratings for the cancellation. The irony now is that the show The CW touts as their biggest hit, Gossip Girl, gets similar rating to that of Veronica Mars, about 3 million viewers a week.

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