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Is Your House Killing You?

No, really… is it? While I hate my house at times (the perks of homeownership, am I right?), I would venture to say that it’s probably not killing me.

But the Sundance channel has found some people who are indeed being killed by their houses. So what’s the solution? Come up with a show that highlights this.

The Sundance channel has to say this about this show, which premieres tomorrow night:

Is Your House Killing You? is an entertaining scientific makeover show about toxics in the home. It once and for all separates the facts from the filth and provides valuable tips and tricks for the viewer…

Government and media focus has shifted to indoor air pollution. And the main culprits are right under your nose – mould, pesticides, solvents, deodorizers, cleansers, dusty carpets, paint, particleboards, adhesives, fumes from gas heating…

A focus of the show is to bring the invisible dangers to light, and provide guidance for the viewers.

We found recent studies confirm that the wider community is concerned about toxins but most people don’t understand the issues and desperately want information about the hidden health and environmental risks indoors. Research is indicating that 21st Century disease, Sick Building Syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities and other chronic diseases such as asthma and eczema are on the rise.

We believe the ongoing value of this show is that it is not only fun to watch our experts track down the culprits and find solutions, but it also interprets science for household use…”

It sounds interesting– not something that I think many people who don’t own homes would be too fond of, but you never know!

Just the same, check it out and let me know what you think! It premieres on the Sundance channel, on Tuesday evening.

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