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iTunes 7.7 Released

If the iPhone 3G was not cool enough, it just got better. Users who download iTunes 7.7 can get even more use from their new iPhone. The new version of iTunes allows for more features on the iPhone to be used, making the iPhone by far the best release the cell phone world has ever seen. Not only that, but the new version of iTunes also offers additional features for those who own an iPod Touch.

The Apple Store

With this new software, you can have Apple Store support right from your iPhone. The Apple Store has over 500 applications that are ready for your iPhone. From a GPS, to eBay, to Twitter, you will be able to find what you are looking for when you look through the applications on the Apple Store when you download iTunes 7.7.

Remote Control Feature

With iTunes 7.7, your iPod Touch or iPhone can act as a remote control. It will be able to control nearby computers, which means you can manage your items in the iTunes store from your handheld device. You will be able to control iTunes playback from your device, which means that listening to music will be easier than ever.

Sync Music and Videos

With then new iTunes 7.7, you will be able to sync music and videos with your iPod Touch and iPhone. The software is made exclusively for your iPod touch and iPhone, and you will be able to sync your favorites with ease.

All of Your Favorite Features

What if you have an earlier version of iTunes and you love it? You do not have to worry. You will get all of the features that you love, along with new ones, when you download this version of iTunes. You will still have all of the same syncing capabilities that you have had in the past, along with extra features.

The software is free, and is a necessity if you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch. You will get to take advantages of the latest advantages that have been made by Apple and you will have access to more than you ever imagined right at your fingertips.

To download iTunes 7.7 for free, click HERE.

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