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i.TV Review

I was recently browsing the apps store on my iPhone when I came across a new application called i.TV. Although I already had a few applications that allowed me to check movie times the thing that initially intrigued me about i.TV was the fact that you can check your local TV listings with it as well.

I’ve been looking for an easy way to check local TV listings for awhile, I hate the “official” TV guide website – its horribly designed and a pain to use. So I decided to give i.TV a shot. After downloading and installing the app I was expecting to have to enter my zip code for it to grab the TV programming for my area. However when I started i.TV up it informed me that it was “determining my location automatically”. It’s amazing that more iPhone applications don’t utilize the location feature.

After i.TV automatically determined my location, it displayed a list of television providers in my area. After selecting my TV provider i.TV displayed the TV listings customized for the channel lineup of that provider. Overall the TV listings are easy to navigate and can be sorted by channel, title, genre or even content rating.

After I finished playing around with the TV guide, I decided to check out the theater finder feature. Not only does i.TV display all of the local theaters and play times, it also gives you reviews and ratings. You can even watch movie trailers right on your iPhone.

Overall I am extremely impressed by the i.TV. This is by far the best movie app available for the iPhone right now. The best part is that i.TV is currently available as a free download. Next time your browsing the app store make sure to grab i.TV. This is one app that you can’t go without.

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