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Jerry Seinfeld is Coming Back to TV

seinfeldJerry Seinfeld is heading back to NBC but this time the show won’t be about nothing, it will be about marriage. Seinfeld is set to executive produce a new reality series, tentatively called The Marriage Ref, in which celebrities, comedians and sports stars will offer their advice (and judgment) to real-life couples having marital problems. The twist? The show will be a comedy.

It will be interesting to see how it pans out since there seem to be a few glitches from the get go, like the fact that marriage woes usually aren’t funny and celebrities usually aren’t role models for great marriages but if anyone can make it work, Jerry can. When asked about the show’s concept, NBC co-chair Ben Silverman said, “some of the greatest comedies in the history of television have been around marriages.” “The concept is so universal and accessible, and obviously it works so well when it comes from somebody with a point of view — and nobody has a stronger point of view on this subject than Seinfeld.” Silverman must have confidence in Seinfeld’s ability because the network has already ordered 6 episodes.

Jerry has been laying low since Seinfeld ended in 1998. In addition to his stand-up act, he wrote and starred in the animated feature Bee Movie and appeared on an episode of 30 Rock but this will be the first time he has commited to a series in over 10 years. Though his primary role will be behind the cameras, we will hear his voice (and that of co-executive producer Ellen Rakieten) in the show’s commentary. When asked about the inspiration for the show, Seinfeld told The Hollywood Reporter, “This is not a therapy show, it’s a comedy show. After nine years of marriage, I have discovered that the comedic potential of this subject is quite rich.”

2 Responses to “Jerry Seinfeld is Coming Back to TV”
Samantha Pruitt - February 27th, 2009 at 9:21 pm

has a Seinfeld junkie, and a Jerry Seinfeld fan i’m quite excited to hear this, hopefully it won’t be dissapointing

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