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Jersey Shore is Moving in Season 2

The deal is done for a second season of Jersey Shore, but where it’s going to be filming is a different topic.

MTV plans to bring back the show in mid- to late-summer for 12 new episodes, which means it will commence production soon.

Rather than shoot in New Jersey during the winter, the network will take the cast to another location, as yet unannounced, for season two.

Rumor has it that South Beach in Miami is most likely the new setting for the Jersey Shore cast– given taping episodes this winter in New Jersey would be far from beach-like! Los Angeles area communities are also being considered, but Miami Beach is the most likely site.

While Jersey Shore is a huge hit for MTV, thanks in part to the controversy, still, many key officials of various Italian-American organizations continue to protest the show as yet another poor stereotyping of their community.

Calling the show ”nothing more but a Sopranos for teenagers,” Robert Allegrini, VP of communications for Chicago-based Hilton Hotels in the Americas (and long a major player in various Italian-American groups) issued a statement from the National Italian American Foundation.

The NIAF’s president, Joseph V. Del Raso,  calls Jersey Shore less like ”a manifestation of Italian American identity” than a ”youthful expression and lifestyle predominantly visible in the Northeast. … more in common with the adolescent residents of Animal House than with Italian Americans.”

But ask Glee’s Lea Michele what she thinks of Jersey Shore and you may get a mouthful.

“I’ve seen every episode… We have a crazy shooting schedule over at Glee, but no matter what we go through in a day, we go home and we watch Jersey Shore and we all talk about it the next day,” she told Access Hollywood.

She added that it “would be amazing” if Jersey Shore star Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino landed a guest role on her show.

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