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Jimmy Fallon Discusses This Weekend’s Emmys

Jimmy Fallon wants to shake things up as host of the 62nd annual Primetime Emmys and he’s asking his fans to help him.

Fallon recently took to Twitter and asked fans to tweet suggestions for  introductions for the presenters on Sunday’s  telecast. You can check out all of the submissions by searching for the hashtag #imontheemmys. He and his writers will choose the best and it may get used during the show.

“I sat with some of my writers [and talked about] how we can make it interactive,” Fallon says. “We were going to have people tweet if they wanted to see a ‘Boy Meets World’ reunion, stuff like that. But certain people thought that was a little bit too extreme on one end. … You have to go kind of broad so everyone can join in on the fun and get creative.”

Fallon also joked that the gig is going to be pretty easy since, “we’re going to do the exact same show Neil Patrick Harris did last year, word for word.”

But he takes his job as the one who sets the pace for the show pretty seriously. “The fact is it’s a room full of hundreds of your favorite television stars,” he says. “So my job as host is to make sure the show is exciting and entertaining and moves quickly for the people in the room, but also to put on a show for everyone at home. And everyone at home wants to see their favorite stars. So I want to get as many people involved as I can.”

He also added that he wants the show to celebrate the past year of TV, not just the winners and nominees.  “I think it was a great year, whether it was new shows like ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Glee’ or shows going away like ‘Lost’ and ’24’ and ‘Law & Order,'” Fallon says. “There’s a lot to play with.”

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