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Jimmy Kimmel Hits Back at Jay’s Sucker Punch Comment

As we mentioned, Jay Leno made an appearance on Oprah Thursday to give his side of the story. That “story” included a slam against Jimmy Kimmel, who Jay said “sucker-punched” him when Kimmel appeared on his “10 @ 10″ segment.

Well, Thursday night, Kimmel, in his own defense, decided to give people a behind-the-scenes look at what really went down. On his show, Kimmel explained that before being booked on The Jay Leno Show (they asked him to appear by the way) he was “pre-interviewed” by a producer from the show. When Kimmel realized that Leno wanted to discuss things like, “What’s your junk-food weakness?” Kimmel told the staffer, “I really think we have to talk about what’s going on with Jay and Conan because that’s what people want to hear about – not about my junk food weakness.”

He was then told they felt, “there’s been a lot of talk about that stuff and we don’t want to beat it to death.” To which Jimmy replied, “But what he did not understand was I did want to beat it to death. I like beating things to death. And so I did.”

Then, Kimmel really hit back saying:

“If I made any mistake, the mistake I made was thinking Jay would have anything other to say than what was written on the cue cards. I figured he’d get into it and mix it up. You know, at one time he was a comedian. But he just stood there, kind of reading through the questions like a robot and then goes off and rats me out to Oprah.”

Check out the whole monologue below:

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