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Joan Rivers Finds Out “How’d You Get So Rich?”

joanriversEver wonder how the super rich became so wealthy? Well, Joan Rivers has and in a new series she sets out to find out how those millionaires made their money.

In the series, Joan knocks on some very expensive doors and asks, How’d You Get So Rich? “I always would pass by places in the strangest cities — huge houses, big money, gorgeous cars — and always would say, ‘How’d they get so rich?'” Rivers told “So I thought: Wouldn’t it be fun to do a show where you just go to the door and ask them.”

The new 30-minute series follows Rivers as she meets millionaires and explores their extravagant homes around the country. All of them are self-made millionaires who had great ideas and worked hard to see them through doing everything from selling a line of camouflage makeup to the military to inventing the “BillyBob” hillbilly teeth.

“It’s about the American dream — and [it’s] funny,” said Rivers. “New money will tell you [their story]. And that’s the wonderful ones because they’ve made it very recently and are happy.”

How’d You Get So Rich? premieres tonight TV Land.

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