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Jon & Kate Announce Their Divorce

Well, it’s true. Last night, Jon and Kate announced their “separation” and they show followed by telling the fans that divorce proceedings were started yesterday.

While I’m not surprised, I am sad for all involved.

As viewers of the show, so many people will find it easy to say “oh, it’s Kate’s fault” or “Totally Jon’s fault” but when it comes down to it, it takes two people to make a marriage work and two people to cause one to fail.

Ultimately, they seem to have an idea of how to keep their kids happy and healthy.

“”I tried to contemplate and think about it what would be better for us and it’s just not good for our kids to be arguing in front of our kids.  We can’t be cordial with one another and we’ve decided to separate,” Jon said.

“I’m not very fond of the idea, personally,” Kate said. “But I know it’s necessary because my goal is peace for kids and if peace needs to be brought about by this then I’m in agreeance.”

According to the couple, all eight children —  8-year-old twins Cara and Mady, as well as 5-year-old sextuplets Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel, and Leah — will continue to live in the $1.1 million dollar 24-acre home the couple bought last year, with Jon and Kate also living there depending on who has custody  of them at the time.

“The kids will remain living in their house — I’ve always called this their house.  I will remain here as well during my portion of having them.  Jon will also come here when it is his days and we will flip-flop that way,” Kate said.  “It’s going to change a lot because I’m going to have time that I have to be away from here.”

“They love it here, this is their house, we bought this house for them not for us.  The security, the room, the land — [it’s] all for them,” Jon said. “I won’t be here every day obviously. I don’t have the schedule [yet], I’ll miss them a lot.”

During their interviews, Jon and Kate both positioned the decision the best one for the children.

“While I know it’s going to be hard for them and it’s not what I wanted for them and it’s very, very difficult, it is going to be the best and the most peaceful — I’m hoping — for them,” Kate said.”

The saddest thing is that they both seemed to be concerned with the show.

“How does the show go on — the show must go on,” Kate said.  “We’ve always done the show for the kids to be able to provide for them, to collect the memories for ourselves. I will continue to be here, be with the kids, do the same things I’ve always dome with them.  I realize that Jon will probably not be a part of those, he may do his own thing.”

“I’m still on the show,” Jon said. “I guess we[‘ll] interview separately and we’ll film different things — me and the kids, her and the kids.”

Get it together, J&K. In the grand scheme of things, this show doesn’t matter.

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