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Jon & Kate Plus 8 Season 5 Premiere

 Unless you live in a bubble, you’ve probably heard a lot about Jon and Kate Gosselin lately. Their supposed marriage troubles have definitely taken front page for some news sources lately… just in time for their season 5 premiere! 

If you’ve never heard of Jon and Kate before, well… lucky you! No, I’m kidding. They are a very large family with a(nother) reality show on TLC. 

Living in southern Pennsylvania, the show depicts the lives of stay at home mom, Kate Gosselin, and husband Jon as they take care of their two sets of multiples: twins Maddy and Cara, and sextuplets: Aiden, Hannah, Joel, Collin, Alexis, and Leah. And let me tell, these kids are total cuties! 

A lot of viewers may be put off by this family– could it be because of Kate Gosselin’s personality is very much in control? I don’t know, but I do have to say that for all the criticism she receives, I often understand where she is coming from. And hey, if I had a television crew following me around all the time, well.. I wouldn’t be a very well liked person either. We all have our moments! Her moments just happened to be creatively edited at times. 

I have to wonder if the sudden media out burst regarding Jon and Kate’s separate affairs are a media ploy to garner more attention for their season premiere. What would ever make me believe that, you may ask? Oh, just the fact that Kate Gosselin has said the issue will be addressed in the upcoming season of their television show, premiering May 25. Either way, it’s heartbreaking if it’s true and heartbreaking if it’s not true to see the couple and the family tossed around the media (even if they did choose to be on the show). 

So that doesn’t leave much to wonder about season 5. It looks like Jon and Kate will be addressing some of their marriage issues, and we will see more cuteness (and brattiness) from their children! 

Jon & Kate + 8 airs on TLC on Monday nights!

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