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Julie Benz Talks Dexter and No Ordinary Family

Julie Benz had a rough year after her character Rita was killed off on Dexter and she was left unemployed.

But, luckily, her unemployment didn’t last long and she soon landed a guest starring role on Desperate Housewives.

Tonight, Benz’ latest project, No Ordinary Family, one of this season’s most buzzed about new series, debuts on ABC. Here’s what Benz had to say about the transition from playing a victim on Dexter to becoming a superhero on No Ordinary Family.

“You know, there was a lot of Rita hatred when I was on the show,” says Benz, “so it’s interesting to see this outpouring of love. My Twitter blew up [during the Dexter premiere], with people giving Rita the honor that she deserved. She was an amazing character to play. It was very touching to me to have that response, because sometimes you don’t know that people care that much.”

She also says that just because she isn’t a part of the Dexter family any longer, doesn’t mean she won’t be tuning in. “I’m really interested to see where they go from here,” she added.

“When I found out I was going to be leaving Dexter, I wanted to find a strong female character, a really active woman,” says Benz. “Basically the exact opposite of Rita. And I’m so fortunate to find No Ordinary Family. It really was the strongest female character to be found during pilot season.”

The new series may let her express her strengths, but it still remains a bit hard to describe. “It’s a dramactionomedy. That’s my word. Pay me 25 cents if you use it.”

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