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Kate Gosselin fired before hired?

kate Since the epic Jon and Kate spectacle of 2009, there have been many ups and downs for Kate Gosselin, probably more downs than she cared to admit. From her very public and very dramatic split from Jon to the freeze that Jon then put on filming Jon and Kate plus 8, soon to be Kate Plus 8, if she is ever able to film again.

But there was always hope for Kate, and she was very much in talks of being a part of a new talk day time television show, a show that was being compared to “The View” but centered more towards the working mom. Other hosts on the show are said to include Paula Deen, Rene Syler, and Lee Woodruff. The pilot is being call “Momlogic” and while it’s struggling to stay afloat and actually get a time slot, there’s still hope.

And even more hope for the show now that Kate Gosselin has been canned.

The show fired Gosselin for being too controversial. Apparently, rumors have surfaced, spreading around the idea that Kate wasn’t too happy about Paula Deen being the main “host”.

The show is likely a bust anyway, but no worries Kate! You’ll get your own show, eventually. Just keep up the hard work.

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