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Kate Plus 8, Minus Jon?

Monday night marked the return of Jon and Kate, Plus 8 since the announcement of divorce and the subsequent show hiatus.

Despite allegations that Jon’s new girlfriend (or is it fiance? rumors are inconclusive still), Deanna Hubbel, would be starring on the show, TLC has announced that is absolutely not the case.

“There are no plans to use her,” a rep for TLC told press in a statement. “We are in hiatus and all future episodes haven’t even been planned.”

The show now is going to be focused seemingly on each parent’s relationship with their children.

The biggest change? The interview couch is all gone. In it’s place? Chairs.

There were two episodes airing on Monday night, to mark the return of the show. In one episode, Jon managed the renovation of the kitchen cabinets while Kate and the kids go to the beach; in the other, Kate took the kids camping and tried to start a fire by herself.

It’s a sad state of the show, which reminded me of the days in the beginning, when Kate was less focused on the other “stuff” and more just on the kids. It seems that perhaps this separation has reminded her a bit of what really matters in the whole situation.

It’s also interesting to see that as Kate lies low, at home with her kids, how Jon Gosselin is splashed all over the covers of the tabloids. Rumors or truth, he certainly has gone from absolutely hating the media and the papparazzi to soaking in the Ed Hardy limelight.

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