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Knight Rider Gets the Axe

I’ll be honest, I never really knew how the remake of the Knight Rider season ever got past it’s pilot episode. I mean, I’ve seen some of the old Hasslehoff series, and it was pretty dreadful but humorous in a “haha old tv” kind of way. A mix of nausea and nostalgia, I guess. The remake, though was just plain bad. The dialog was awful, the effects were terrible, and the new car…well..just no. It appears I’m not the only one that’s been thinking of this, since Knight Rider has sported some ugly numbers of it’s own when it comes to ratings over the past few weeks.

The Result? NBC decided it’s time to put Knight Rider that much closer to the band saw. The network recently announced that it will be hedging the season order for Knight Rider from 21 down to 17 episodes. It’s for the best people, trust me. The season finale (if I had to wager I’d say series finale myself) will be broadcast on February 25.

Of course there’s other news coming out of the NBC pipeline as well. ER, after seasons of officially having jumped the shark, will now finally be laid to rest in peace on March 12. Kings, a drama I’ve never heard of but apparently is getting a lot of hype, will be filling in that ER slot. A special hour long episode of The Office will also be up to bat right after the network broadcasts the Super Bowl on February 1st (woo hoo!). Heroes latest volume right after Villains, aptly named “Fugitives,” will also kick off on February 2nd at 9m est. If you’re interested, Chuck will be sticking around at the 8pm EST slot as well.

And there was much rejoicing.

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One Response to “Knight Rider Gets the Axe”
Jack Yan - February 11th, 2009 at 10:53 pm

I’ve tried hard to like the new Knight Rider. The pilot was average but I could see things heading somewhere. The retooled series made no sense: the extra cast members, the claustrophobic HQ (a tribute to the security room in Las Vegas?) and lamer-than-lame plots meant that the only reason men of a certain age were watching was Deanna Russo. It’s a shame: Bruening is a better actor than Hasselhoff was at that age, and even ripping off old scripts would have resulted in something better than what we got.

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