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Latest TV Study

The latest television study has been published and the Yankee Group has found that one in eight Americans is looking to cut back on their television subscriptions, either cable or satellite.  It’s not hard to see why with the sites like Hulu, Fancast, and even those sites that “shall not be named” that allow illegal viewing of shows.  The struggling economy gives the consumer the perfect out for either cutting a deal with their cable company or even eliminating the entirely.

I’ll have to honest, I am one of those people.  I am currently looking at both eliminating my entire cable subscription and looking into a low-level satellite subscription that allows me to watch programming on my computer.  I am also looking/waiting for Hulu and the like to release their pay levels.  Being able to watch programming on my laptop allows me the comfort of convenience.  I travel quite a bit and while I have a DVR back home that works hard, I would like to watch things on the road and not wait for Hulu to upload it.

I crunched the numbers and this is dependent on Hulu being free.   It would cost me (during a normal television season) about $30 to watch all the shows if I were to utilize Hulu, Fancast, and iTunes.  That is light years cheaper than my current cable subscription.  Sure I might not be able to watch all the sporting games that I want live and that would be a huge downer for me, but it is potentially a sacrifice I am willing to make.  Furthermore, the money that I would save would even go to a television-only desktop that would be hooked up to a large screen HD television.  I know that I’m not the only one who has thought of alternatives like this.  And the Yankee study just goes to show that other people are thinking like I am.

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