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Law & Order: SVU Season 10, Episode 10019

Law & Order: SVU was back on Tuesday night with a much anticipated new episode, “Selfish”. This episode featured Hillary Duff as a young mother with an infant child. 

The episode began when a frantic woman charged into SVU headquarters and spoke to Detectives Stabler and Benson regarding her granddaughter. Her daughter told her that her granddaughter was with the babysitter, but she hadn’t seen her granddaughter in a while and she mentioned that the car smelled like a decaying body. 

When Stabler and Benson arrived to interview the daughter, they found her cleaning out her car. From there, she begin to lead the detectives on a wild goose chase. First, she told the detectives that she left her daughter with the babysitter, Maria. When the detectives arrived to question Maria, there was no sign of anyone named Maria or the baby. When the detectives found the lady named Maria, they learned that she had a couple of screws loose, and didn’t actually have any children or take care of any children, other than her doll babies. 

From there, the detectives learned that the mother had stolen a credit card and made a purchase, one of which was a shovel. They began to really question the young mother and their suspicions were definitely raised. She told the detectives that the shovel was a gift for her father. When they arrived to get the shovel from her father, they learned a bit more about the family. 

After some testing on the shovel, they determined that the shovel was used recently, and the soil had traces of gasoline in it. The father of the young mother told the detectives of a gas station that his daughter used to hang out at. 

The baby’s body is recovered and the mother confesses to “murdering” her and burying her body. However, during autopsy, it was discovered that the cause of death was measles. The baby had contracted measles while at the local playground, when she came in to contact with an unvaccinated child who was carrying the measles virus around, before his outbreak. 

The controversial topic of not vaccinating took center stage. The episode definitely begins to take a twist in an unconvential turn of events. If you missed this episode, you should definitely check it out and finds out what the jury has to say– was the mother who chose not to vaccinate responsible for the baby’s death or was it just an unfortunate accident?

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