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Leverage Review

If I have to hear “Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys” one more time my head will explode (TNT has been mercilessly plugging the show for weeks) but admittedly I was a bit curious about Leverage. The whole show revolves around a band of rogues that well..rally against “the man” and help out those in need. If the plot sounds like something you heard before as well as a bit contrived…you’d be right, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Or I have a high tolerance for far-fetched story lines and exaggerated characters (*cough* CSI Miami *hack*).

Thankfully, though, Leverage’s cheese factor isn’t so high it makes me cringe. Their targets seem strangely appropriate as well given the current economic downturn that threatens to get worse thanks to the arrogance and bumbling of Wall Street (and I say that as a member of the industry). This ultra-savvy team takes down the easy social targets of our day. Arrogant hedge fund managers? They’re going down! Shady military contractors? They’re on the list too. I imagine this will have quite a bit of appeal for spectators watching the government bailout those Wall Street Fatcats (and auto industry fatcats too…maybe..).

Our main character and provider of Leverage is Nate Ford (played by Timothy Hutton), who is a former insurance investigator who decided to leave the game when an insurer denied his son experimental medical treatment. As you might imagine, this leaves him with quite a bone to pick, and so he assembles his team and heads out, albeit reluctantly, into his work that takes place oh-so-conveniently outside the law. His team consists of some shady characters (I’m sure their loyalty will be tested in various episodes down the line) including a thief, hacker, and uhm..retrieval expert..which really I guess means jacked-out-of-my-mind muscleguy.

Regardless the show was great, and I think it’s worth taking a look at if you’re in the mood for something a little lighter than people being murdered all the time but still plenty of suspense to go around.

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