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Lie to Me Debut

lieIt’s one of those things that everyone would like to master but either can’t or firmly believes it isn’t possible. Certainly, the science of lie detection via body language and other elements is questionable at best, and basing your decision to trust someone on it (especially when you’re first starting out, amateur!) is probably unwise, but that certainly doesn’t stop it from making a good TV show.

It appears that Lie to Me had a fairly strong take on it’s first time out, losing out to long time fan favorite (though questionable later seasons) Lost, albeit barely. I found that Lie to Me flowed pretty well and I managed to pick up on the first episode quickly. While the first run out was great, I’m gonna wonder how much staying power the show really has. After all, while CSI can examine the ever widening multitude of ways that you can murder someone, how do you keep detecting the same body language and keep the show fresh? I don’t know either, but I’m sure the writers will find out.

In other news CW’s Gossip Girl has been steadily gaining viewership too (really?) while the Secret Life of The American Teenager managed a solid 3.9 million viewers for ABC. I guess there’s still enough bored teenagers out there that would like a good drama

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