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Life Unexpected Headed For Cancellation

Bad news for fans of The CW’s Life Unexpected, it looks like the show may also be headed for a cancellation. The network has decided not to pick up the remaining nine episodes of the season and has opted to only air the 13 instead. They will make the official decision in May, but at this point, it doesn’t look good.

Life Unexpected executive producer Liz Tigelaar remained optimistic in a message on Facebook. “Hey peeps. It’s true, it’s real, no back nine. But stranger things have happened when people are invested. So keep watching. We still have half a GREAT season to show you and who knows!!!”

If the show isn’t picked up for a third season, fans will likely be left without a satisfying conclusion to the short-lived series.

“If we don’t get picked up, I don’t anticipate being able to wrap up these stories quickly,” Tigelaar said recently. “I’ll hopefully be able to do a satisfying last episode, but it’s not going to be where everything wraps up like a series finale. There’s no two endings for Episode 13 in case [we don’t get picked up]. We barely have time to shoot one ending!”

Life’s series premiere drew 2.83 million viewers back in January but its second season premiere in September only brought in 1.65 million viewers. The numbers have continued to go down since the season 2 premiere and the series is now only averaging around 1.5 million viewers per episode. That’s not to say that the cast and crew aren’t trying. They’ve been holding Twitter chats, doing weekly interviews and even creating viral videos.

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