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Life Unexpected’s Show Runner Spills About What’s Coming Up

E! has a new interview with Life Unexpected show runner, Liz Tigelaar, who, like show’s lead character, was adopted. For those not in the know, the show is about a Portland, OR orphan (Britt Robertson) who is adopted by her biological parents (Shiri Appleby, Kristoffer Polaha). Cate had Lux when she was a teen and gave her up, thinking she would be adopted right away, but Lux had a heart condition that kept her out of a home and in the foster care system. Until, she finds her birth parents at the age of 16 while trying to become emancipated.

As for Tigelaar, she actually relates to mom Cate, more than Lux. “I feel very close to both characters. Thematically, the show deals with what I deal with in my own life, which is that feeling of being caught between being a kid and being an adult. “Wait, is this really how being grownup is supposed to feel?”

She also spilled a little about a new face we can expect to see  Monday night. “The one character that we haven’t met yet is Joe, who is played by Austin Butler. He joins the show in “Turtle Undefeated” [airing Monday, Feb. 15] as a potential love interest for Lux, so therefore as part of a possible love triangle with Lux and Bug. Jones is a quarterback, so Baze is prone to like him. We have these characters weaving in and out, and the [new characters leave] Lux feeling like she really needs to hold on to her old life, or she’ll lose it.”

She also let us in on how Ryan (Cate’s fiance) feels about this Cate’s instant family. “The arc of episodes five, six and seven is about Kerr Smith’s character Ryan being confronted with this new reality in his life, and how Baze starts to not only infiltrate Ryan’s life but his work. There’s a little tiny arc where Baze intrudes and becomes a regular on the radio show—which Ryan is not OK with—and the intrusion in the professional life leads to everything coming to a head in the personal life.”

As for a possible Baze and Cate hook-up, don’t hold your breath. “I think that everything can evolve and become more or less substantial or more or less meaningful at different times. I think that they are characters who have a certain history who are untangling their feelings, but right now it’s like, even if you untangle them, what do you have? They’re both such broken people.”

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