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Discovery Channel has a new miniseries out called Life.  If you’ve seen Planet Earth then you’ll probably enjoy this even more.  While Planet Earth focused more on the global effects and events, Life delves further into nature, focusing more on the wildlife.  While it would be impossible to feature every living thing, they touch of the main points like ocean creatures, African safari animals, and birds.

What amazes me about these Discovery miniseries is the live, real-life footage that they are able to get.  It must take countless hours of sitting around and even then the camera people have to be in the right place at the right time.  It also must be a huge thrill for them to see nature it its most naked aspect, which is probably why they went into photography in the first place.

This kind of footage really gets me off.  To see three cheetahs adapt their hunting style after coming up empty is not only baffling but also shows that animals are intelligent when it comes to life skills.  The crude law of the jungle strips away everything.  These animals and organisms have  no jobs or pensions to worry about.  What they are concerned with is if they will be able to find food for their next meal, produce offspring, and if relevant care and nurse their offspring.  It is pure fight versus flight, kill or be killed.  So far they have touched on recognizable animals like the killer whale, cheetahs, and some insects.  While the footage isn’t the type where it’s “never been seen before” it is nice to see notable animals.  They can make another of these series with groundbreaking film of animals the world has never seen.

The series is shot in stunning HD of course and I do like how there isn’t any computer animation.  For some of the Planet Earth stuff, I swear some of the shots from space were fake.  Here with Life, big or small it is straight up real.

I’m sure that they will release the DVD packet of Life later in the year.  I’m not sure if I would buy that simply because they constantly reair them on Discovery.  It was good enough to see it once, I’m not so sure that on a whim I would pop in one of the DVDs.  It’s one of those good backup shows to save on the DVR for a rainy day.  If you’re a hardcore nature enthusiast, then by all means go ahead and watch and buy the DVDs.  But with all the new breakthroughs and discoveries of new animals and species, it will only be a matter of time before Discovery Channel puts out another of these.  If they did something like a Shark Week but more indepth, that would totally get me.  They’ve been reusing footage from old Shark Week’s year after year and it’s time to really get some new content.  It wouldn’t be a huge ratings draw, but maybe a deep-sea series would be good also.  The oceans are the last great unexplored region and there are constantly new species down in the depths.  So those would be my two pitches to Discovery.  No matter what they put out, if it’s in HD and is about animals in their element, I’ll watch it.

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