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Losing It With Jillian

Biggest Loser fitness guru and weight loss champion Jillian Michaels will be getting the opportunity to continue her weight loss inspiration across the country in a new series that will feature only her, called “Losing It With Jillian”.

NBC is taking advantage of the huge following of “Biggest Loser” and taking it just one step further. Losing It With Jillian will follow Jillian, as she goes to room in with families and helps them to change their diet and exercise habits.

“I hear all the time from people about ‘Oh, it’d be so easy to do if I was on the ranch, if I had a personal gym,’ ” Michaels said of “The Biggest Loser’s” weight-loss success stories. “I got sick of hearing it. So we’re telling people, we’ll come to you and teach you how to be healthy.”

But the project won’t just be about weight loss. Michaels will also bunk inside a different family’s home each week and sets out to coach participants in all aspects of their lives.

Producers are looking for families with kids age 9 and up.

Decision to develop a companion to “The Biggest Loser” comes as the show, now in its eighth season, continues to grow — bucking the trend this season of most veteran reality shows, which have been posting declines.

What do you think about this show? I think it will definitely be interesting, but of course, no where near as inspiring as Biggest Loser! Weigh in here!

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