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Lost Season 4 Episode 12 “There’s No Place Like Home” Review

The first part of Lost’s two part season finale, “There’s No Place Like Home,” managed to throw even more curveballs to Lost fans. The idea of a conspiracy against the plane crash victims intensified, and even appeared to implicate more people.

In the future, the viewers see Sun as she struggles with her father. She blames him for the plane crash and for what came of Jin. The intensity with which she blames her father is far greater than what would be warranted if she were simply a grieving woman. Instead, it would seem that Sun believes that her father was somehow responsible, not only for the plane wreck, but for the activity on the Island. If that is the case, consider what that would mean. There would be a good chance that Sun’s father was working with Charles Whidmore or had some sort of connection to him. That would further the idea that everyone on the Island is somehow connected.

Jacob’s power and strength was also put into question on “There’s No Place Like Home.” In an episode that had many themes that paralleled The Wizard of Oz, one was left to wonder if Jacob himself is the Great Wizard. Just like Dorothy and her cohorts, Locke, Ben, and Hurley have been in search of the leader of the land. What if Jacob isn’t powerful after all, though? What if he is nothing but a mere mortal, or worse, what if he is just a figment of their imagination

Viewers got to see the Oceanic Six return home as well, but not without drama. The Survivors returned to their native soil, and they lied. They lied like they’d never lied before. They lied about the crash, about the Island, basically about everything that had occurred since they had been gone. Kate even lied and claimed that baby Aaron was hers.

What was the purpose of the lies? Who are they protecting? It remains to be seen if they have entered into some sort of an agreement with someone to protect the Island. Possibly they are doing it for Ben, or for the other Survivors that did not come with them.

More questions will be answered in two weeks, on part two of the season finale. Hopefully we will see more of Charles Whidmore and find out just how deep his connections lie.

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