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Lost Season 5 Episode 3: Jughead

lostSo was everyone ready to go back to the island? I know I was, but all of the flashing around that is ever-present in Lost seems to annoy the heck out of me sometimes. Mercifully this week’s episode had much fewer flashbacks than the previous iteration. Desmond begins his quest to find Daniel Faraday’s mother and in doing so finds out more about her son, too.

He also runs around a fishing village looking for Efren Salonga, who turns out to be a doctor as it were and she delivers Des and penny’s baby boy. Not sure where they were exactly, but if I had to guess, I’d say the Phillipines. We then flash forward roughly a few years where Desmond is having¬† moment with his boy, telling him all about the island which turns out to be..Great Britain. He’s decided to go find Ms. Faraday in Oxford, since he’s convinced that he’s the only one that can help them.

Well to go to Oxford, apparently, you need a disguise, and so Desmond dresses up like…I don’t know he kinda looked like a clown to me. But he manages to use his new digs to sneak into Faraday’s lab and finds it all packed up. The kanitor mentions who can blame them after what he did to “that poor girl” who is of course Teresa Spencer. We learn that Charles Widmore continued to provide for Teresa: “He funded his research, and he took responsibility for the results of it,”¬† dum dum dum.

So Desmond heads to Widmore’s office and demands that he explain where Faraday’s mother is, and he does, but says she won’t be happy to see you. So it’s off to LA, wa na na.

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